Cricket Quiz Questions with Answers PDF
The cricket quiz questions with answers PDF file below can be downloaded and printed off to test your friends at any quiz event you may have. To unlock the PDF file, just like or share using the buttons below. The file contains 50 free cricket quiz questions and answers... Read more
Cricket Quiz 1 – 20 Random Cricket Quiz Questions
Welcome to our first cricket quiz, for this quiz there will be 20 random multiple choice questions based on individual player stats, general rules of the game, team achievements and a few more general questions that most cricket lovers should know. The answers to all the questions are at... Read more
Cricket Quiz 2 – 20 Random Cricket Quiz Questions
Welcome to our second cricket quiz. Just like our first cricket quiz, there will be 20 random multiple choice cricket quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge on some of the most memorable moments in cricketing history. All the questions will be on individual scores, player achievements and... Read more
Cricket Quiz 3 – 15 Random Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers
Welcome to our cricket quiz #3. This quiz will be based mostly on individual player achievements and records, there will be a mixture of cricket quiz question and answers covering a few players of recent times. Most of the questions will require one answer, but if a question requires... Read more
Marathon Cricket Quiz 1 – 50 Multiple Choice Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers
Welcome to our first marathon cricket quiz. There are a total of 50 cricket questions and answers in this quiz, the questions feature a mixture of both modern day and historic cricketing moments that have made headlines around the world. If you’re short on time and would prefer a... Read more
Cricket Quiz for Kids – 15 Questions to Test Your Child’s Knowledge
Test your child’s cricketing knowledge with this short cricket quiz for kids. All the questions in this quiz will be on the absolute basics of the game making it ideal for kids who are just getting into cricket. All the questions will be in a multiple-choice format and only... Read more
Cricket Team Quiz – West Indies Cricket Quiz
Think you know a lot about West Indies cricket? Give our team quiz a go and see how many cricket questions you can answer correctly. Most questions in the West Indies cricket quiz will require a single answer and a few will require multiple answers, to score a full... Read more