Cricket Quiz 2 – 20 Random Cricket Quiz Questions

Welcome to our second cricket quiz. Just like our first cricket quiz, there will be 20 random multiple choice cricket quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge on some of the most memorable moments in cricketing history. All the questions will be on individual scores, player achievements and anything else memorable. Good luck!!!

1. Which Indian batsman hit Stuart Broad for 6 sixes in one over in 2007?


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2. Which batsman has scored the fastest 150 test runs to date (2016) in one innings?


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3. Who captained Sri Lanka to victory at the World Cup final in 1996?


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4. What was Matthew Hayden’s final score after breaking Brian Lara’s world record?


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5. Which West Indian fast bowler took 7 wickets for 1 run against Australia in 1993?


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6. Which batsman scored 175 runs while chasing down 434 runs against Australia?


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7. Which batsman has the highest individual score in a first class match?


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8. Who was the first batsman to pass 10,000 test runs?


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9. Which team was Matthew Hayden playing against when he broke Brian Lara’s world record?


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10. What was Shane Warne’s final test wicket count at the end of his career?


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11. Which batsman has scored the fastest test hundred to date (2016) and against which team?


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12. Which bowler holds the title for the fastest recorded delivery in international (2016)?


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13. How many runs did Australia score in both innings of the famous tied test against the West Indies in 1960?


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14. Which Indian batsman did Muttiah Muralitharan dismiss to get to his 800th test wicket?


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15. Which player was appointed captain of the Australian test team after Ricky Ponting retired?


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16. At which cricket ground did Brian Lara score 375 to secure the world record?


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17. How many runs did Shane Warne score in his last innings of test match cricket in 2007?


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18. Which team did Sachin Tendulkar score his 50th test hundred against?


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19. Which TWO South African batsmen were involved in the famous run-out incident in the 1999 World Cup semi-final against Australia?


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20. How many runs did Kumar Sangakkara score in his final test match innings?


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