Cricket Quiz 3 – 15 Random Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers 2017

Welcome to our cricket quiz #3. This quiz will be based mostly on individual player achievements and records, there will be a mixture of cricket quiz question and answers covering a few of players of recent times. Most of the questions will require one answer and if a question requires two answers you must choose both correct answers before you can get a full point for that question. Good Luck!!!

1. How many centuries did Sourav Ganguly score in his test career?


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2. Which Indian batsman scored 281 runs in the 2nd test against Australia in 2001?


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3. What was Chris Gayle’s highest individual test score?


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4. Which two teams were the first to use a pink ball (day/night test) in a test match?


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5. How many wickets did Makhaya Ntini collect during his test career?


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6. Which batsman has the highest ODI score for Pakistan to date (2016)?


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7. What was Virender Sehwag’s highest individual test score?


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8. Which team did Adam Gilchrist score his first test century against?


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9. Who took over the test captaincy of the New Zealand team after Daniel Vettori?


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10. Which team did Sachin Tendulkar score his highest test score against?


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11. True or False. James Anderson surpassed Darren Gough in 2016 to become the leading wicket taker for England.


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12. How many test wickets did Saqlain Mushtaq take during his test career?


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13. All of the following players have scored centuries in their test debut EXCEPT?


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14. Which batsman from the list below scored a century in each innings of their 100th test match?


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15. True or False. Australia hosted the ICC 50 over World Cup in 2007.


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