Cricket Quiz 1 – 20 Random Cricket Quiz Questions

Welcome to our first cricket quiz, for this quiz there will be 20 random multiple choice questions based on individual player stats, general rules of the game, team achievements and a few more general questions that most cricket lovers should know. The answers to all the questions are at the end of the quiz, good luck!!

1. Which West Indian fast bowler was known as “Hit Man”?


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2. What is the length of a professional cricket pitch?


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3. What is the maximum amount of people allowed on a cricket field at any given time?


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4. Which team was the first to win an ICC 50 over world cup tournament at home?


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5. Who was the first Sri Lankan bowler to pass 800 test wickets?


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6. Andy Flower and Grant Flower were brothers who played for which team?


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7. Which team has played the most ODI finals to date (2016)?


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8. True or false, a batsman can be run out on a no-ball?


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9. How many overs must be completed in a test match before the first new ball is due?


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10. True or false, a batsman can be given out if the ball pitches outside leg stump and spins back on to his pads?


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11. Who holds the record for the highest individual score in an ODI?


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12. Which batsman has scored the fastest double hundred in test match cricket to date (2016)?


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13. In which part of the world would you find the Wankhede Stadium?


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14. Which English cricketer said the famous words “make them grovel”?


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15. After how many years is the ICC 50 overs World Cup played again?


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16. What does DRS stand for?


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17. What is the length of a professional cricket stump?


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18. In which year was the first IPL tournament played?


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19. What was Ricky Ponting’s highest individual test score?


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20. Who was the youngest batsman to score a test hundred?


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